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Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipi

You, reading me today, centuries after I passed away, can already guess that somebody else took my voice here, using whatever replaces the pen today in your proclaimed « advanced times ». You can then think that those words are lacking meanings, that somebody stole my name, and those few lines are only lies. You could do that, I cannot convince you to do otherwise, however, from my old fashioned past, you have to know that I love what Watch Museum managed to create. All my life, even during my darkest hours, I have hidden hundreds of messages within my paintings, tiny details, references, some more obvious than others. Some of them were rightly understood, others were the victims of misunderstandings, while many remain mysterious to you.

That is why the simple idea of you, sat in front of your screen, rejoices my old soul. With Watch Museum, you have this opportunity to go further, to possess a detail that you will have the opportunity to observe every day and to understand better each time through your own gaze. All of this possible, with another art work strapped to your wrist, the watch.

The last reason of my contentment lives in the work of the miniaturist painter. A colleague centuries appart, in your crazy 21st century, reproducing faithfully my work by giving life to the details, not by using any of your barbaric technology, but the only noble medium my art can endure, painting.

You did not recognize me yet? Maybe Sandro Botticelli will be more familiar to you…