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What if beauty lay in the details? Our first encounter with a work of art, the first time we set eyes on a painting, the first time we cross paths with a master, our admiration for an artwork. What if our fascination was determined by a single detail, hidden in the immensity of a canvas? Each eye is drawn to a different aspect of a painting: a specific detail, a single brushstroke that it finds more beautiful than all the others combined. This is what makes Watch Museum so unique. As the French art historian Daniel Arasse once said, "every one of us creates, created, or will create their own details." Watch Museum now makes it possible for you to create and cherish yours.

The project was born in late 2017 at a dinner held to celebrate Vincent Calabrese’s "Gala" model, unanimously recognized as one of the most elegant watch designs ever created. Our idea was to bring together two artforms with a freedom and ease that had never before been seen. We soon convinced two of the world's most prestigious museums to become partners in our venture, before seeking out the very best miniaturists to join our team. Watch Museum allows you to choose any detail from a selection of artistic masterpieces and make it your own by reproducing it on one of the most mesmerizing watches ever created. The dial is a blank canvas, waiting to be embellished with a detail only you can choose and understand. Our dream has come true: the excellence of watchmaking meets the masterpieces of art history. Now there is only one thing left to do. Let your eye wander the canvas, fall in love with a detail, and leave it to the Watch Museum team to make your dream a reality.