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When we fall in love with an art work, it stays forever engraved in our memory. However the reason of this special bond we will create does not always live within its whole, sometimes what makes us stay is a simple detail. A specific square of the canvas, one that will catch our wondering gaze and stays engraved in it forever.

Watch Museum is a project imagined by a group of friends, passionate about art and willing to link this world to the creations of the finest independent watch maker of our time, Vincent Calabrese. He joins his creation with the collection of some of the most famous art institutions from all over the world, which will be reproduced by a miniaturist painter.

Through this ambitious project, Watch Museum makes it possible for painting and time to be united by reproducing your beloved detail on the dial of an exceptional watch. An art piece within an art work leading to a unique object, even more peculiar for its concept, its detail, and the amazing work of the craftsmen taking part into this adventure.


3 easy steps to create you unique watch
A three steps creation


Choose a detail only you appreciate and understand
An art lover's dream come true. Make a work of art yours by choosing a detail only you can understand. The magic of Watch Museum starts with customization, and an almost infinite number of possibilities. A unique creation as close to the art work and as intimate as it can be.

Let the miniaturist painter bring your detail to life
An expert miniaturist painter will reproduce your chosen detail on the dial of your watch. A master of an extraordinarily delicate craft, he will bring history's finest paintings to life with a mesmerizing accuracy after one hundred hours of work, adding even more value to your Watch Museum.

Vincent Calabrese's watch: the most beautiful frame for your unique detail
Your unique detail will be displayed in a frame that is just as breathtaking. Hidden behind the work of art is one of the most remarkable innovations in watchmaking history: a marvel of complexity imagined and handcrafted by Vincent Calabrese himself, giving life to your watch after three months of precise work.

The Watch Museum Experience


Best frame for a work of art is a work of art

The Watch

Behind every watch dial there is a story. The Watch Museum has been brought to life by Vincent Calabrese, a master whose constant search for innovation and sophistication has led him to the peak of his craft. Thinking both like an engineer and a philosopher, he managed to create an outstanding watch where craftsmanship and the finest pieces of Art History can meet with elegance and sophistication.

The elegant simplicity of the Watch Museum conceals a world of intricacies. The wandering hours system is completely revolutionized, with an innovative design and mechanism. The open dial rotates once every 60 minutes, with an aperture indicating the passage of time – leaving the watch face a blank canvas for the miniaturist painter to reproduce with delicacy and accuracy your beloved detail.

Vincent Calabrese has engineered a cutting-edge mechanism while creating a watch that becomes your own personal gallery. Behind the brushstrokes of art's greatest masters lies a complexity that only a genius can master, one we discover on the back of the watch with mesmerized eyes, observing with wander its complex mechanism. A revolutionary object that brings together the innovation of the present and the beauties of the past.